Current TARA Officers:

Prefect – Chris Short
President – Mario Panebianco
Secretary – Glenn Harper

What is TARA?

Tripoli Atlanta (TARA) is one of 100+ clubs associated with the national Tripoli Rocketry Association, dedicated to advancing the hobby of high power sport rocketry. TARA is based in Atlanta, Georgia.

But what is high power rocketry? Most of us started out flying rockets made by Estes or Centuri or Quest or Cox or… (fill in the blank, depending on how old you are). Most of the motors we used fell into the 1/2A to C size; the power of the motor doubling with each letter. So a B was twice as powerful as an A, a C twice as powerful as a B. Now extend that alphabet. D, E, F, G. – really extend it. H, I, J, K, L, M, N. That’s high power!

TARA sponsors workshops. We are here as a resource for anyone interested in the more powerful end of the hobby. We’ll help you with certification, building and design techniques, kit reviews – anything that makes building and flying high power rockets fun.

TARA sponsors launches.  TARA sets up all the range equipment and launchers necessary to fly everything from F through N motors. We arrange for FAA waivers, so you can fly almost any high power rocket.

We occasionally travel to other launch sites in the southeast; places like Talledega, AL; Manchester, TN, or Orangeburg, SC.

TARA’s not a bunch of pocket-protector rocket geeks. Members come from all walks of life. We are drawn together for our enjoyment of rockets and other cool tech stuff. And we have fun. So come on out and join us.


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